ARTpanel: What’s in a name?

When and why the ARTpanel became a success. The story of Carl Huijskens goes back to 1999, when his whife came up with a great idea...

Back in 1999, based on an idea of my wife, I designed a useful, effective and aesthetic solution for improving room acoustics. We named this product line ARTpanel with derivatives as ARTwall, ARTceiling, ARTscreen et cetera.

ART was short for Acoustic Room Treatment, with a wink to ‘art’ as one could make its own design. Over the years, our ARTpanel improved in systems and adaptive sound-absorbing compositions and now, in 2016, the panel is still a state-of-the-art acoustic solution.

ARTpanel: a successful name

The name ARTpanel became successful too. Many other companies worldwide copied our ARTpanel names to ride along with this success.
Fortunetaly, however, the quality of a product is not in the name.

We are blessed with a group of colleagues who advice, measure, calculate, design, build and install solutions with their heart. Through their passion and commitment each day, they achieve a tailor made quality for each acoustic challenge.

Now, the ART in ARTpanel also stands for Amazing Respectful Team!

Carl Huijskens
Incatro Room Acoustics

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